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Sound & Vibration Dampening Polyurethane Liners

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  Shaft Clamp/ Brake
Shaft Clamp/ Brake
  Vibration Damping
Vibration Damping

Softer polyurethanes are ideal for sound and vibration dampening. Many applications, such as conveyer systems and elevators, potentially create a great deal of unwanted noise and trembling. Kunz Industries's polyurethane pads absorb nearly all unwanted vibrations without compromising the system's performance. This is because our dampeners are made using the highest quality materials by some of the most experienced technicians available. Our 5' x 10' Hot Pour Table enables fabrication of large and small pads, thanks in part to a fully equipped high tolerance machine shop, where the pads are processed to fit seamlessly into your application. Kunz has installed these pads into hotel elevators, dampening the unwanted vibrations and freed up 200 more rooms for the hotel to book. Our pads have been used in rotational polishers, perforated steel back liners, elevators and other applications very successfully. We also have non marking polyurethane available to protect the surfaces of your systems.

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Sound & Vibration Dampening Polyurethane Liners Specifications

Equipment 5' x 10' Hot Pour Table
Industries Served
Conveyor Belt
Polyurethane Hardness 15A-75D
Tolerances ±0.001"
Materials Polyurethane
Available Colors
Custom Colors Available

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